Don’t get me wrong…

I love the holiday season.  Mostly because I now do the bulk of my shopping online.  Holiday shopping crowds are the WORST.  However, I hate how much running around the Hubbins and I do and how little rest we actually get with what little time off we have.  Sure I have tomorrow off, but I’ll be stuck here at home when I’d rather be off watching ‘Frozen’. I am HOOKED on this song.

Seriously, Idina’s voice reminds me of her stint as The Wicked Witch in Wicked.  So basically amazing!

But I shall be at home.  Perhaps I’ll try to actually write something since I’ve only blogged since NaNoWriMo ended.  But best laid plans tend to bite me in the rear. Meaning I’ll probably end up sleeping in way too late and park my butt in front of the TV for the better part of the day.  (I am determined to NOT do this).  Starting at 5 tomorrow we’ll be in run around mode and see very little of our house until later the following evening.

Like I said don’t get me wrong, but I wish we could stay home a little more.  But it would appear until we find ourselves with little ones of our own that is not an option.  So off we’ll go dashing through the nonexistent snow.  Which is a little bit of a bummer, I do enjoy a white Christmas rather than all the rain and melting we’ve been enjoying in these parts for the last three to four days.

Sure it is great for the whole traveling thing.  Not so great for trying to get into the holiday spirit.  Perhaps I’ll have to try to spend a little bit of tomorrow getting into the spirit of the season.  Wish me luck and Happy Holidays!

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