Goodbye 2014, Hello no knee pain?

I’m just back from my trip to the ortho.  Which was a weird trip.  Last time I was there my doctor hardly gave me the time of day (he’s a busy guy, but still – bedside manner people), but this time he was super funny and dare I say charming.

I think it’s my new do.  It’s hot. Fine it’s different.  Anyway, he went over the results and everything is FINE with my knee.  No tears or anything weird.  Ok sure I apparently have a little bit of a weird bone growth thing and a cyst or two.  But none of these things is the cause of the pain.  Nor is the extra weight I’ve gained.  INTERESTING.  So I have NO idea what it is.  But I did score a lovely cortisone shot in my knee, not so lovely.

Talk about ALL THE FEELS!
Talk about ALL THE FEELS!

To be honest, it hurt and still hurts like I stepped on a lego.  But within a day or two it will start to work the magics and I should be feeling better.  Good times!  Also good was that my wonderful ortho made sure I couldn’t see the shot going in.  I certainly felt it!

This might be the last post before the ball drops.  So I want to wish all of you a VERY happy new year!!


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