2014 Goals {#Welcome2014}

I also have hopes that 2014 will be the best yet!
I also have hopes that 2014 will be the best yet!

New year, new me.  Right?  RIght!  Mind you I’ve said this almost every January 1st.  BUT this time I mean it and I’ll admit I need some help too.  You see I’ve found when you let people know what’s up it makes you more accountable.  It also makes me WANT to meet my goals.  So here are my 2014 goals in no particular order.

Read 30 books between now and Dec. 31, 2014!  You can track my progress here.   Plus see what I’m reading.  If you happen to be a Goodreads member – friend me!

Dial down the sarcasm a bit.  I know I can do it.  I also know that some people couldn’t imagine me without it.  But I sometimes feel my sarcasm is more hurtful to me as well as other.  So time to cut it a bit.

Write more!  Somewhere there is an awesome novel/short story/poem wanting/waiting to get out.  I just have to make the time to let it happen.

Less social media.  This one will be hard.  I LOVE Twitter.  Way more than I love Facebook.  But I think hanging out in cyber space it taking away from my reading and writing.  It may also be adding to my sarcasm.  So I may need to curb it to a set number of hours a day.  Or perhaps if I meet X word goal I can tweet all I want.

Get my health issues sorted out.  Not quite sure what the issue is, but something isn’t quite right (esp. my immune system).  Time for a complete physical and all the blood work the doctor is willing to throw at me.

Relax more.  I seriously do not slow down.  From my first waking hour to the time my head hits the pillow I am just go, go, go.  So it is time to finally stop and smell the roses.  I hope to try a little meditation or Tai Chi this year.  Yoga let’s my mind wander too much.  I think Tai Chi is the answer.  Now to find a place.  This will also help with the whole exercise thing I need to do!

Organize the house!  We’ve lived in the house a little over two years now.  There are still boxes everywhere!  Still photos to hang on the walls and more.  Time to MOVE IN!

That’s it for now.  I think seven is a good number.  Any more and I am doomed to fail.  So as I said I’ll need help in keeping accountable.  So…feel free to check in and ask me how things are going via the Facebook page and on twitter (@galinthegreyhat).  KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE!  I’m going to need all the help I can get.  I also plan to post updates here on the blog.  Book reviews, photos of organizing things, etc.

I’m also going to add a Page for these here goals too.

Do you have any goals for 2014?

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