#SherlockLives Tonight!

As most of you know I’m not watching.  One there doesn’t appear to be a legal way for me to do this.  The other is there’s a bit of a bet going on between me and a few folks to see if we can hold out for 19 days.  If we had to wait until May again I would lose that bet in a second!

One friend who happens to be a “casual” Sherlock watcher said “What’s the big deal, you know how he escaped in the books.”  True as you recall Holmes told Watson the way he escaped was “About that chasm… I had no serious difficulty in getting out of it for the simple reason that I was never in it.”

I for one might be a little ticked and want to punch Sherlock in the face if that wasn’t him on the roof.  I already suspect Watson will not faint when he sees Holmes tonight, but will instead punch him in the face.  Which I could not blame him for at all.  It seems we had a kinder Watson there, who could forgive his friend anything.  The John of the modern day Sherlock is more likely not to take any silly business from Holmes.

The difficult task I face is avoiding most social media for the next 19 days.  I’d say it was easy, and it might be, but I may have to unfollow some folks until the 19th, as that might be the only wany to keep my social media sanity.  If you know me I cannot give up Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Only 19 days to go…wish me luck!

19 days!
19 days!

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