BRB dying

Alright NOT really dying.  But have certainly felt like death for the past two and a half days.  Fine three days.  It started Thursday morning.  I could feel something slowing coming over me.  So I spent most of the day wait for the two by four to hit me in the face or perhaps the load of bricks.


It didn’t happen that night.  But the next morning what I thought would be the nasty cold thing everyone has been passing around turned out to be a very nasty migraine.  How nasty?  It seemed to make the feels from The Reichenbach Fall seem like a scratch.  I’m not sure if you get what I mean by that, but please note I am still having a bit of an ache as I type this up.

So I spent much of Friday in bed.  I awoke to find myself surrounded by cats.  They tend to swarm me when they know I shouldn’t be home and in bed.  Yay, they care.  That or they’re concerned about who will feed them if I pass on.  Let’s go with thinking they care.  Friday night I thought I was feeling better.  Headache appeared to vanish.  So much so that I actually watched all of Season 8 of How I Met Your Mother.  Good news and SPOILER we finally SEE the mother!  Bad news, no more for me until Season 9 comes to Netflix.

So I went to bed thinking I had beat down the evil migraine and won the day by only take a total of 4 Tylenol all day.  My victory was short.  As I woke again with a jackhammer doing it’s thing on the right side of my face.  Back to the couch I went with lots of water and the occassional bit of food as I was a little nervous to eat anything.

I tried to watch some Sherlock on Netflix.  But ended up falling asleep on the couch.  THAT is how bad I felt!  Me turning off Sherlock means I am truly not feeling well.  I woke up sometime after my husband returned home and went back out.  I sort of recall him kissing me on the forehead.  Once I was up again I watched some crappy movies on Netflix and my amazing Hubbins brought me home Chinese food.

Then I ended up falling asleep on the couch until the baby kitty (fine she’s three) opted to start batting around one of her very loud toys!  But I also noticed that my head had only a slight pain now.  So I made sure to eat, and drink water and tea like a fish and it still seems to be going away.

Now the trick is to find the cause.  I didn’t have any gluten, but I did have tomato Thursday and Friday…perhaps that is the culprit or perhaps it was the avocado?  Thoughts?

Do you get migraines?  What are your triggers?  Do you keep a journal of triggers?

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5 thoughts on “BRB dying”

  1. …It seemed to make the feels from The Reichenbach Fall seem like a scratch.

    This is how badly Sherlocked I am. My thoughts as I read that sentence were in the following order:

    1. Ooh, a Sherlock reference! 😀
    2. Ooh, what an awful-sounding migraine! I feel so bad for her!

    I do not claim to be proud of my priorities ^_^; I do hope that nasty beast has gone for good. Good idea to drink lots of water — at least that’s what my aunt, who’s a pediatrician, says one should do to combat a headache, because the pain (at least for a regular headache…obviously migraines have other factors) is caused by dehydrated brain cells, or something… in fact, she used to pull out the Gatorade mix whenever someone had a headache, because it was supposed to be even better? Something about the extra electrolytes…but then I’ve also heard Gatorade has tons of sodium and stuff one really doesn’t need if one isn’t training for the Tour de France… Clearly I’m neither a chemist, nor a medical expert, so don’t take the former as anything but anecdotal babbling 🙂

    Oh, and hey there, fellow Sherlock fan! Have you been able to watch Season 3 yet?

    1. Ha no worries. I find Sherlock takes higher priority for me too! I’m trying to drink more water daily and hopefully that helps keep the migraines away.

      Yes, yes I have seen Series 3 and OH MY GOODNESS!!

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