New year, same me

My new year got off to a little bit of a rocky start as far as my goals went.  But Sunday I got up (not as early as I would have liked) and did a short (30 min) workout and then made the most massive smoothie I may have ever made.  I think I got three cups out of one banana, two small containers of yogurt, and a cup of silk milk!


I then loafed around until about an hour before my mom turned up with the niece.  It was a nice visit, plus mom helped me turn out 18 cups of Chex Muddy Buddies (here).  I even brought some into work…I was feeling very generous.

Monday I got up late which threw off the whole “I’m going to get up and work out thing”.  Instead I was rushing around like a loon to get out the door on time with everything I needed to bring.   Today I had planned to at least get up and do some stretching. This would be followed by making myself a cup of coffee in the french press.  But instead it ended up looking more like yesterday.  Sigh.

Tonight’s plan go to bed in one hour and ACTUALLY get my lazy ass out of bed.  We shall see how this works out tomorrow.


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