I’m allergic to what?

Who knew?
Who knew?

Certainly not me.  But I found out this evening at my annual physical that I am in fact allergic to latex.  The response from the doc  was amusing to say the least… “The hell…I think you may be allergic to latex.”

Now imagine no bandaids, but what still looks like bandaids..."good" times.
Now imagine no bandaids, but what still looks like bandaids…”good” times.

So that’s just one more thing I need to remember to tell docs/blood drawing people/and the like.  I also shelled out on latex free bandages and hydrocortisone.  But personally I’d rather not have random skin reactions thanks.

I’ve also got a bunch of blood tests to get done.  I’m getting tested for potential anemia, diabetes, and thyroid issues.  In the past none of these tests have been conducted properly.  Meaning I NEVER fasted prior to the tests.  Mostly because my old PCP’s take was I didn’t need to fast and stop telling her how to do her job.  I always pointed out that I thought I needed to fast prior to these tests.  Which is why I’m at a new PCP.

Said new PCP was also good enough to prescribe me something for the panic attacks.  One of those one and done kind of pills.  Oh happy day!  Seeing as those little bastards have been coming on A LOT more lately.  Hopefully this works and doesn’t knock me out.  All in all it was an awesome first visit.  Now to get that damn blood work done within the next week!  But first dinner.

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