Did you know they LoJack babies now?

Well, in the hospital they do.  The Hubbins and I went to visit the newest edition to our friend T’s family, Baby A.  We were talking to T about the story of Baby A’s birth (which after hearing that birthing story friend T is a freaking ROCK STAR!) .  I was excited to possibly hold this new little bundle, but I’m not one to be grabby unless mom offers.  After all she was only a day old by this point.  I could wait, seriously.

But when mom’s dinner arrived she asked if I wanted to hold Baby A.  Um yes please!  I have to say I’m in super awe of the swaddling job nurses do.  Baby A looked like a perfect baby burrito!  Trust me I have tried the swaddling thing when my now ten year old niece was a newborn and it came out looking like I was a newbie on the front lines of Moe’s!  As I was holding said sweetheart I noticed there was something swaddled in with her.  Something very hard and very plastic.

So I asked.  Mom informed me that was the baby LoJack.  Well, things had certainly come a long way in ten years.

Safety first!
Safety first!

Back in the day baby and momma usually were ID tagged up the yingyang.  But not these days.  These days the ID tags are still there but now the above little beauties are in place to keep your new little one in the hospital.  In fact if you get even remotely close to the doors with a baby with this on the ENTIRE hospital locks down.  Overkill?  I think not.  Should the Hubbins and I be lucky enough to make it to that stage in the game you bet your ass I’m walking out of there with OUR kid and not anyone else!

As it is you can’t even get into the place without knowing mom’s name.  Again another measure of security I’m happy to find is in place.  It was a nice visit and we were happy to meet our friends new little one.  The really exciting moment will happen when Baby A meets her big sister E this afternoon!  I truly hope there is video footage of that magic moment.

Oh and I’m obviously feel better or you can bet I would NOT have set foot on a maternity ward.  But I’m still taking it easy because last week SUCKED and I never want to experience that joy ever again!

*No pictures to share of momma or of Baby A – sorry folks not my kid, so no pics.

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