New means of motivation

Today, well yesterday I decided I needed to get myself in SHAPE.  But I am CRAP at going to the gym.  So today I went and bought a fitbit.  Yup, I did my research and picked one up.

Hello bright reminder I should be moving!
Hello bright reminder I should be moving!

Now it had a hiccup or two starting out.  But now that everything is synced I’m not ready to kick myself in the ass for buying it.  I was looking at the fitbit one, but too many people said it was too easy to lose. So here I am with the flex and so far I am loving it.  There’s even this great online community where you can log your eats and other activity during the day.  I’m excited.  I really think this will help me meet and keep goals.

Now where did I put my workout gear?

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