Liebster Award!

I had quite the tough day at work today.  So imagine my surprise to wake up (from a much needed nap) to find I was granted a Liebster Award.  I was even more surprised that it came from The Nerdy Girlie (excuse me while I fangirl a moment). Yes, I consider that it came from the Nerdy Girlie a super big honor too.  Ok better now.


So here are the questions she sent me:

1.  Why did you begin your blog?  My blog was started off as a way to share things that just happen to come into my head or thoughts/reviews of shows I liked.  Basically a way for me to be the little nerd I am in my little corner of the internets.  Honestly I’m surprised to have people who read it besides my mom…and I’m happy they do.

2.  What is a TV Show that you never get tired of watching and why?  Oddly enough that show is Sherlock.  But why oddly?  Well, if you watch it you known darn well that this show is only three episodes a season and there is ::ahem:: QUITE the gap between each series.  Typically a two year gap.  I have to tell you I was almost tired of watching it after the most recent series aired…mostly because I’m not sure what the writers were thinking this season, but I have hopes that next season WILL/MUST be better.

3.  Share with us your favorite recent read.  “Further Tales of the City” by Armistead Maupin, I’d heard of these books from several friends and at first found it hard to get into reading the series.  Then I learned that it wasn’t meant to be read bits at a time.  This made it very easy to read and the next thing you know I’m three books in the series of seven or eight books.  I swear these books set between the late 60’s up to the mid 90’s maybe are a wild ride with an amazing cast of characters.  I really suggest you go on and read it.

4.  What are you listening?  Right this minute?  My husband is currently watching Top Gear.  So I’m listening to them talking to a star in the reasonably priced car.  This time around it’s one of the guys from Fleetwood Mac!  On my iPod at work?  An oldie but a good one that brings out all kinds of feels… December, 1963 (Oh What a Night) – see question 3 or watch series 3 The Sign of Three.

5.  How do you fight writers block?  Honestly?  Sometimes I let it drag me down.  But honestly I write myself little notes during the day and somehow manage to turn those into posts.  I also have a solid group of other writer friends who tend to gently nudge me/guilt me into getting myself out of my slumps.  Or I’m lucky enough to have something awesome happen when I need something most to write about…good or bad I’ll write about it.

Here be the ladies I’ve selected:

Now for your questions (Please send me the link when you post your blogs!):
1. Have you always written in some way or form (even before your current blog)?
2. Favorite movie of all time (I really won’t hold you to it) and why?
3. Your favorite rainy day activity?
4. If you were an animal which one would you be?
5. Your favorite tea?

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