Not deaded

Hello all.  Sorry I’ve been quit on the blog.  But I was busy with 221b Con (there will be a post on this), there are so many good feels from the con that whenever I start to write it I get a little misty.  But I’ll try to get that posted this week.

Also been rather busy at work which leads to me being rather sleepy when I get home.  Good times.  Seriously I’ve napped a LOT in the last two weeks and while it was glorious it also means I haven’t written a word anywhere.  Which means I may not “win” Camp NaNoWriMo this year (again).  It happens.

But rest assured I will be posting again very soon.  Just need to find the balance somewhere.

Also if you were thinking about following me on the Twitter @galinthegreyhat and you see the little padlock near my name.  Feel free to add me.  I’ll get around to adding you.  Just a warning I get a little ranty about Sherlock (ok a lot).  So there we are.

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