Ok – Maybe slightly deaded

Sorry it’s been longer to get you all a post. I didn’t think it would be.  But then I got this pesky pain that has come and gone over the last year (give of take a few months) back in my hands/wrist.

I did what any normal person would do when it started…ignored it!  I do not recommend this to anyone ever after what came out of my rush to ortho urgent care.  Yes that’s a thing near where I live.  Which is a very good thing because this happened…

Left wrist and...
Left wrist and…
...the right wrist.
…the right wrist.

Yeah hearing “I’m 90% positive you have carpal tunnel in both wrists was not the way I wanted my Thursday to go.  Odds are good that it is worse in the right (dominant hand).  So I apparently have nerve conduction tests to look forward to and won’t those be fun?  I have also decided to name my two new “friends” – Moffat and Gatiss, because they are current;y ruining my life.

You never know how much you like bending your wrists until you can’t.  I mean seriously not being able to do that one thing makes EVERYTHING super hard to do.  Harder still when both wrists are hampered by it.

Alright whiney baby pity party over.  More posts soon as I still need to tell you all about the awesome that was 221b Con!

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