When it rains, it pours


Gather round children I’m hear to tell you a story or three. A story of still being grossly ill with a sinus infection. Of needing to see a flipping ENT again. Which I might add makes me feel like this crap will not end well. But when you get them every 3 months measures need to be taken. Time to “narrow it down” as someone once said. On the upside I now have MORE antibiotics, plus some brilliant nose spray crap.

Story two is of mystery bruises that as it turns out were caused by 81mg of aspirin taken daily so that the mister and I can have a successful (and eventual) pregnancy. I guess all the bruises will now just be a sign that taking said aspirin is working on thinning my blood. JOY!

Finally, the hot water heater in the house went last night. So the mister and I were playing Little House on the Prairie – the home game this morning. Hot water buckets in the shower in order to get ourself ready and off to work on time. There is a new heater “installed” but yet still leaking all over the basement. #lesigh

Oh and to top it all off Gattis and company are being total arseholes about the Sherlocked Convention. So yes I’ve had a shite time of things today.

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4 thoughts on “When it rains, it pours”

  1. Yes the baby aspirin does cause bruising more easily – add shots to that and the bruises come even more. Ahhh the things we do to have children!

    1. I actually had NO idea. I try and stay away from the baby forums because they never ask stuff like this it’s always “OMG I hiccuped is that bad?” or at least it seems like it. But luckily my doc knew what was up and now I’m just going to roll with them, b/c yes babies eventually!

      Hope all is well with you!

  2. 😦 So sorry to hear about your troubles. Everything will work out in the end. And that nose pray has got to be a huge plus!

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