Is it monsoon season? Or just open season on my family?

Did any of you ever watch ‘Days of Our Lives’?  It was/is (I’m not really sure, nor can I be arsed to look it up) a soap opera on NBC.  Anyway. there was a family on the show that it seemed all the bad shit ALWAYS happened to.  This was the Brady family.

ALL THE BAD THINGS happened to these people. (photo from fanpop)
ALL THE BAD THINGS happened to these people. (photo from fanpop)

Ok our problems aren’t as bad as theirs…but at this point it could make for bad reality TV on Bravo.  Read on dear reader…..
Dad was finally to be moved tonight off the ICU…but noooo that was too good to be true.  He’s stuck there for another night because his heart rate is still between 110 and 120!  At this rate I feel like they will have to put the pacemaker in BEFORE he leaves the ICU.  I trust the docs at the VA and all, but come on already can we get him closer to coming home please?  Also I bought him this really great dish garden I’d like to give him.  In all seriousness I really just want him to get better and get the hell out of there!  He’s bored and as he put it “the food is shit”.

Plus the nurse manager on the ICU is a monster bitch!  I really wanted the chance to say something to her tonight.  I noticed a sign on the first floor that said “Here at the ______ VA, EVERY DAY is Veteran’s Day”.  I basically wanted to remind her of that fact and that she was making the Veteran’s guest feel like shit for nothing!  Last night she yelled at my husband, niece, and I because we were in the hall (my dad was using the bathroom which is just out in his room).  “We are brining a patient into his/her room and YOU CANNOT BE HERE.  YOU WILL HAVE TO LEAVE THE FLOOR.”  Now mind you if an alarm rings from another patients room it will show up on all patients monitors complete with room number and their full name.  So HIPAA is out the window already there lady.  Anyway my mother quickly told us it was clear to come back in.  But even my husband who is usually quiet told her to “ease up, we were moving.”  Poor Dad said he would have asked for a new nurse if she was one of the staff assigned to him.  That’s pretty bad considering he’s an easy going guy.

Which brings me to my ENT appointment this morning.  Which went well.  Unless you add in having a camera shoved down/up/over in your nose (and then have that recorded – did I mention I got to watch? GROSS).  Then you get told you get to have one of those allergy scratch/stick tests.  F-me!  I was like look doc, I can tell you I’m allergic to latex.  You don’t want to know how I figured that one out, but I did.  I also have a wheat allergy/intolerance, coconut allergy, plus small critter allergy, and of course a problem with pollen.  Do we really need the test?  Apparently we do!  So that’s scheduled for the day after my birthday.  Talk about poor planning on my part.  But over and done with please and thank you.  Bigger kick in the ass is having to wait a week to get the results.  I will say this –  I sure as shit hope y’all have an epipen at the ready if something seriously screws me over on this test.  Because I’m pretty sure that shit show can’t wait a week.

But the real kicker came when I went to pick up the new Rx, well THAT was a treat to the tune of $250 with insurance!  There is something seriously wrong in this country.  There is also something seriously wrong with my doctor if he thinks I’m ever refilling this Rx again.  So not happening.

So this has been my life for the past few days.  Good times right?  I hope to have something better for you later this week…assuming the sky doesn’t fall that is.

I really hope not. (source
I really hope not. (source

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