The Grey Hat Goes for an Allergy Test…

…and the results are pretty dang surprising!  I know I have been quiet, but as usual I’ve been busy or just goofing off on the Twitters (@galinthegreyhat if you want to follow along).  So I had to have an allergy test done last Friday, the day after my birthday.  I thought to myself, I’m only allergic to latex and pollen so what else could pop up.

The short version is I’m NOT allergic to horses, feathers, and dogs.  However, I’m allergic to most trees, grasses (the kind you mow), some molds, weeds, cats, and cockroaches.  Yes, cockroaches.  Seems those fuckers will get you one way or another (pardon the language, but it is true) …in this case apparently the FDA allows just so much of their bits to get into ground coffee and chocolate.  Hungry?

So it was not a happy time while I was getting said tests done as the results came in – as seen below:

The lower arm test.
The lower arm test.
AND the upper arm test. That's actually two test sites that meshed together...awesome.
AND the upper arm test. That’s actually two test sites that meshed together…awesome.

Needless to say this made for an itchy afternoon.  I also jokingly asked where I could sign up for a plastic bubble, apparently that’s not really a thing…lame.  BUT it does prove that nature is in fact trying to kill me.  Thankfully I was allowed to take my allergy pill and slathered with antihistamine cream.  I have no idea if I will need shots or not.  That’s for another visit next week.  What I do know is that just about every nurse and doc in the place came to check out how GREAT the reactions were.  Um yeah….


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  1. Whaddya mean, a certain amount of cockroach is allowed in coffee and chocolate? Gag! I must’ve consumed a fair few in my lifetime so. 😦

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