I thought I was over the whole migraine “thing”

No seriously, when I cut out gluten from my diet my migraine’s vanished.  It was a wonderful world to live in.  But recently that nasty little bitch has reared her ugly head and for the life of me I don’t know why.  Ok the one I had in June was my fault.  I had been having coffee every day during the week and NONE one the weekend…hello withdrawal!

However, this time I can’t figure out what caused a headache on Wednesday to escalate to a migraine that afternoon that lasted THREE days!  Thankfully it has turned into a minor twinge at the back of my head this morning.  Because we were reaching the need to go seek out serious medical attention if it was still here this morning.

But apparently my use of Tylenol 3, lots of sleep, and limiting computer time to work only seems to have worked.  The hard part is figuring out the cause.  Of course the hubs thinks I stressed myself out over an interview I had on Tuesday or work in general.  Which COULD be true.  Last week when I had the allergy test from hell the nurse administering the test suggested allergies can cause migraines.  I also thought about food and no gluten was consumed within the last 5-7 days.

So I’m at a loss, but on the mend…so um…yay?

Next up when I can spend more time at the computer – the grey hat goes to Hyde Park!  Yay History!!

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4 thoughts on “I thought I was over the whole migraine “thing””

  1. PMS is my worst migraine trigger. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do or don’t do, as soon as those hormone levels start dropping…*BAM*. Changes in barometric pressure can do it, too. Hell, there’s a billion things that can trigger migraines, which sucks major balls. 😛 I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  2. Anything to do with water intake-or lack of-either? Though I’m guessing you had that covered. I get ferocious headaches sometimes too, though rarely with the visual disturbances that is characteristic of migraine, and find sleep is a big help. Can’t resort to that all the time though!

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