New Cell Phone Needed {aka The Grey Hat needs some help}

My upgrade has come due.  Yippie!  New cell phone for me!  But what to choose?  Do I stay with Apple and just move on up to the 5s?  OR do I go back to Android on the LG G Vista or HTC One?  Of course my 4s is perfectly fine minus the small display.  There in lay the problem.  My eyes have always been bad.  Hell, I’ve had ten eye operations over the course of my time on this planet.

So this is important.  From what I can tell by looking online the LG G Vista and HTC One have a large display and some of the other fine features I’ve come to notice I need in a smart phone.  Where I hear the iPhone display is not much bigger/better on the iPhone.  I’m obviously going to have to go into the store to check these out for myself…that’s a given.  But I want your suggestions folks.

What phone would you suggest and why?  Better yet, what cell phone do you have and why?


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7 thoughts on “New Cell Phone Needed {aka The Grey Hat needs some help}”

  1. i have the iPhone 5, but the 6 version is due to come out in september and is supposed to have a larger screen. i am the worst tech person in the world though, so maybe one of your other readers would know more about both the apples and the droids.

  2. Honestly, if you need a bigger display, I’d recommend Android, especially if you’re already pretty familiar with how Androids work. The iPhone is great, but the screens are mostly only getting longer instead of bigger and better. Though playing with new phone possibilities in stores is so fun! I always play with the Galaxy S5 when I’m in a store because it’s so huge and shiny and neat.

    1. I’ve been getting the vibe that the Android screens are bigger. Someone did mention the next iPhone could potentially have a bigger screen, but I’m not so sure I can wait until October. See I wish I liked Samsung phones, but we have never gotten along well at all – sadly as they do look mighty cool.

      I am looking forward to playtime at the phone store very soon! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. I just got my 5s and it isn’t a much bigger screen. I think the galaxy is pretty big & it tends to be popular among my android-loving friends.

  4. I have an HTC and like it. I also put on an app called Big text SMS. Best thing ever. I can actually read text messages without my reading glasses and the white/green letters on black make for much easier reading in bright light. I’d recommend it!

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