Sherlockian Adventure is Go! (#GridLOCKDC)

By the time you read this I will be perhaps a half an hour from my first stop on my wild Sherlock weekend.  Tomorrow evening I depart via train first to NYC where I will meet up with some very kind NYC Sherlockians who will be keeping me company for most of my 5 hour stop in NYC.

At 3am my second train departs for Alexandria, VA, the site of the inaugural GridLOCK DC Sherlock event which begins around 10. (I arrive at 8am)  I will then try not to sleep through the entire event and see some fine Sherlock loving folks who I haven’t seen in person since April!  There will be hugs, there will be laughter, and of course Sherlock!  The event runs till 11pm.  Someone prop me up in the bar if I say I need to go to bed.

Sunday morning I depart for home.  It may be the wildest weekend I’ve had to date when it comes to travel.  The things I do for my friends and Sherlock Holmes!

So if you see me this weekend send/offer coffee!  For I will need it.  Now to try and sleep as I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!


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