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You all read of my wold journey to attend Gridlock DC last weekend?  You didn’t?  Well, I’ll wait.

Took you long enough! 😉  Right so I for one had a blast!  I saw everyone I wanted to see, minus some of the folks who couldn’t make it.  But I can tell you I didn’t see them for nearly long enough!  However, this is what visits to NYC and Virginia are for…with better planned travel of course.

I was even able to attend a few panels and I have to say the Gridlock folks put on a pretty amazing first con!  One of the panels I attended was called From Bohemia to Belgravia: Influences of Canon on BBC’s Sherlock.  The purpose was to look at the way the canon (ACD’s stories), fanon, and other adaptations had influenced or shaped the show.  I loved this panel, hell I even spoke up a time or two.  Which is very much unlike me.

What I liked hearing about was how people had come to the BBC show.  Half the folks in the room had read the stories, the others had come from other adaptations, or seen the BBC show and gone back to read the canon.  This got me thinking about my own introduction to Sherlock Holmes.  Which I quickly shared with the group.

Looking back my first introduction would have either been The Great Mouse Detective or Young Sherlock Holmes.

Come on what kid wouldn't love Basil and Dawson?
Come on what kid wouldn’t love Basil and Dawson?

I still have this movie today…on VHS and DVD!  Yup I’m nerdy about my Sherlock Holmes and my first was a mouse.  Of course later squeed at the fact that they used voice clips of Basil Rathbone (my Pops first Sherlock) in the movie.  Young Sherlock Holmes was just ok for me.  At the time I saw it I thought it was a good “kid” movie.  Once I was older I added a copy of it to my movie collection.

In the summer of 1994 my Pop and I went to our local Media Play (remember those?) and he picked up a few of the Basil Rathbone tapes to watch with me. I admit that I liked the stories, but felt there had to be something MORE.  I also felt that some of this stuff had probably never happened in the books that I knew existed.  I was told I was correct and if I promised to read the books my Pop would buy me volumes one and two.  I did and he went out and got them for me the very next day.

Well, A Study in Scarlet had me from paragraph one.  Before I knew it the summer bugs chirping in the night gave way to the sound of hooves on a cobblestone street!  I spent that summer running off on grand adventures with Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson and I loved every moment of it. That fall, my English teacher started off our class on mysteries.  His first question?  “Who lived at 221b Baker Street?”  Three guesses who nearly jumped out of her skin to answer?  Yup it was me.  Also turned out I was the only one who knew.

We read the usual stories in class: Scandal in Bohemia, The Red Headed League, The Final Problem, and The Empty House.  But we were also introduced to the Granada Series staring Jeremy Brett.

Now here was my Sherlock Holmes!
Now here was my Sherlock Holmes!

We watched The Final Problem and The Empty House and I was hooked!  That weekend I was back at Media Play with my Pop begging to introduce him to my Sherlock Holmes.  We bought 5 episodes.  After the first my Pop was hooked too.  By this point the episodes were being rerun every now and again on Saturdays and when they were I would stay at my Pops house and we’d watch all the Sherlock Holmes we could.

I must say a part of what I loved about it was that it was ours, my Pop and me. It even got me writing some of my own mystery stories included my first known fan fic involving Sherlock Holmes getting married of all things!  That manuscript is probably in a dump somewhere…ah memories.

When I went to college my roommate and I lived in room 221.  Yes we added a “b” to the door and began calling ourselves “Holmes” (me) and “Watson” (her). In fact we still sign off on all correspondence with our chosen name.  “Watson’s” mother even bought us deerstalkers.  That was how deep our love for the great detective went!

Fast forward to 2010/11 as I can’t recall when we watched it first.  But we were on Netflix and my husband suggested we watch this new BBC version.  I stomped my feet, I pouted, I even told him “This isn’t going to be Sherlock Holmes!”

I mean just who did they think they were!?
I mean just who did they think they were!?

Then I watched episode one.  I relaxed a little.  When it was over he asked if I wanted to watch episode two?  “If you do, we can.” Was my response.  By the end of episode two the mister was asleep and I was pressing play on episode three!  I was then very disappointed to find there were no more episodes and that it would be two years before I would find out what happened to Sherlock and John!

Do I like the show?  YES!  Do I love the show YES!  Do you need to have read the canon to get it?  No, but it does help as the seasons come out.  Should you read the canon?  Oh yes!  There’s so much in there to read and find!  If you haven’t read the canon does that make you less of a Sherlock Holmes fan? Not in my book, I’m glad you found him!  Pull up a chair, kettle’s just boiled.

Long story short I love the canon, I love the BBC version.  I love The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (seriously go watch it), and I love all the other adaptations out there.  I LOVE IT ALL!

But to be the respectful person I am…I’m taking the majority of my BBC Sherlock talk (as well as other not safe for work or my mom stuff) to a new locked twitter account.  So while you are welcome to keep following me on @galinthegreyhat you can also request to add me at @illbemother221b (not all requests will be granted).

So get on out there and read the stories, write your own, watch the BBC and Granada Series as well as the loads of other adaptations out there.  Here’s a list of a few to get you started on IMDB.  Cheers!

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