Do you have 20+ hours to kill? {@nbcblacklist}

If you answered yes to this question, have Netflix streaming, and have not seen Season 1 of NBC’s The Blacklist well, you are in for a TREAT!  Ok even if you have seen it…you may want to refresh yourself for the Sept. 22 Season 2 premiere.

I’ve liked shows before…*cough*Sherlock, House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black*cough*. But something about this show is different.  Probably because it combines the best things about those three shows into ONE show.  Also when did James Spader get hot in the brainy sexy way?  Because trust me kids I always thought he was a smarmy jerk/creep in most of the roles I’ve seen him in.  Not in The Blacklist kids…ooh no.  Here you are cheering him on.  In one episode I actually yelled at the screen “Just kill X already Red!”

This show has also made me want to flip tables in the best/worst way possible due to plot twists and turns.  They happen in EVERY episode!  This show is a true gem.  I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it, but if you want to talk to me about it…I’m over on the Twitters at @galinthegreyhat.  You can also DM me if we’re following one another as I accidentally posted a spoiler earlier this week…yeah don’t do that.

I’ll tell you this Raymond “Red” Reddington (4th on the FBI’s Most Wanted List) turns himself in (after being on the run for 20 years) on the very day FBI Profiler Elizabeth Keen starts work at the Washington Bureau, but why?  Well, watch and see.  As the tag line says: Never trust a criminal…until you have to.

He also turned up on my EW magazine.
He also turned up on my EW magazine.

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