One for Poppy {and #SherlockHolmes}

Yes, I know it’s been an AGE since last I wrote anything.  But I’ve been busy.  Mostly with being sick and the rest of the time traveling or now doing NaNoWriMo things.  There are (I promise) posts coming on my trip to NYC and Northampton, MA.  But those will have to wait a few days as I’m off to see another Sherlockian friend (as well as a few more) tomorrow in Virginia.  Look out Amtrak here I come! I love to travel and you could say I’ve been quite the busy little bee.

Which leads me to today’s blog post title.  My Poppy was a pretty amazing guy. Sadly he passed away in 1997.  But before that he and I did a whole host of things together.  One weekend he showed me a Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes movie and I remember saying “Aren’t there books?”  You see I’d watched The Great Mouse Detective and Young Sherlock Holmes years before, but I’d never read the stories/novels.

Well, he bought me my first copy.  I read then in an entire Summer.  I then introduced him to my Sherlock Holmes, Jeremy Brett.  I think we might have watched almost all of the Granada Series…at least what Masterpiece was re-airing and what we could buy at Media Play.  So when it came time for my next tattoo I knew it would be a Sherlock Holmes related tattoo.  I also thought of it as a unique reminder of my Pop who started me on this wild love of a fictional character.  So Poppy this one’s for you (and Sherlock Holmes)!

The famous address in a bit of a different way...
The famous address in a bit of a different way…

My thanks to Ms Dixie at Ms Dixie’s Tattoo & Pin Up Parlour for the BEAUTIFUL work.  I love it!

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