@amandapalmer and #TheArtOfAsking {Review}

It isn’t any secret that I’m a fan of Amanda Palmer.  Take a look through past blog posts (go on I’ll wait) or my Twitter feed and you’ll see posts and two second tweet convos between myself and the musician, now author.  So naturally I was going to buy the book.  I opted to purchase it through Porter Square Books (where you too can purchase this gem) because they were an independent store and I knew they had it.  And yes I ordered a signed copy, because why not?  Also let’s be honest I had hoped to get one with a dick doodle in it (spoiler alert, I didn’t).

Alas...here be no dicks.
Alas…here be no dicks.

I dove into the book as soon as I received it last week.  I finished it four days later.  It was THAT good great.  I would have finished it sooner, but I had to do these annoying things like work, eat, and sleep.  I will be honest in telling you all that it was a little hard for me to get into at first because I wasn’t used to Amanda’s writing style.  But somewhere around 70 pages in I got it.  It was more like having a conversation with Amanda and that’s where I took off reading.  I laughed and cried while reading this book and I learned a lot about Amanda Palmer.  For me it’s as if Amanda Palmer played a song across my heart with this book…like she wrote it with me in mind.  It sounds stupid, but I’m seeing similar reviews from folks all over the internets.

One particular passage hit home for me.  I think it’s around page 213 or so.  I won’t tell you as it isn’t my story to tell.  But if you’ve been reading this blog long enough you’ll know what I’m talking about if you read the book, you probably already can figure it out already (READ THE BOOK).

This book is all about asking.  And asking really is an art of sorts.  Because as Amanda goes on it’s all about how you ask and yes also about who you ask.  I’ll tell you I have no problem asking someone I don’t know in a restroom for a tampon or to pass me some toilet paper if my stall is out.  But it is MUCH harder to ask for things of my husband of four years and even close friends.  Even if it’s something as silly as “Can we go out for dinner?”  I always ALWAYS anticipate the no, so I don’t ask.  A few years ago, before I was married, but when I was dating my husband, I had a job that didn’t pay me a lot.  Sure I could pay my rent and bills.  But it was tight when it came to buying groceries.  But did I ask anyone for help?  Nope I was too proud and ate a lot of ramen.  When my parents and now husband found out they were all pretty pissed.  “Why didn’t you ASK for help?”  I explained that I felt I should have been able to buy my own food and asking for that kind of help was a weakness to me.  Well, I was promptly told to stuff it and groceries were purchased.

I’ve done that a lot in my life, be it personal or professional.  Not asked for things I needed bog or small.  Mostly because I was afraid of the no or the judging that might come with such an ask.  But Amanda’s book taught me to ask the easy questions and the hard questions no matter what.  Don’t be quiet, don’t think you should be able to do it all on your own.  JUST ASK.  I’m so thankful that she was asked to write the book and that she wrote it.  This is actually a shit review, but it’s my way of saying thank you for the book.  And to say I see you too Amanda, and I love you. Thank you.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your review. I still haven’t finished the book yet (Terrible, I know) but I’m enjoying learning more about AFP.

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