The Grey Hat Goes to NYC!

I had been planning to make a trip to NYC to see JRC for the longest time…since perhaps April of this year.  Finally the stars aligned and my ticket was purchased for a visit in mid-October.  Friday evening I arrived and we were off to Brooklyn!  Stopping along the way for chinese food and then home to meet the roommates and watch Property Brothers (why do I not have cable?).  When it was time for sleeps I was pounced on by two kitties Poe and Misty.  Super cute and not my cats so no pictures (but I do have pictures).

The next morning we were off and running for brunch.  Now, I’ve had brunch before.  But in NYC brunch is magical as it tends to come with booze.  Some NYC eateries even have unlimited brunch (aka unlimited booze).  I opted for a Bloody Mary (extra spicy) to go along with my veggie (eggplant, spinach, red peppers – good veggies) omelette complete with side salad and potatoes.  So delicious!

After that we parted ways with JRC’s roommie and friend and headed up to do a little shopping at DAVIDsTEA and LUSH.  I’d only ever been to one other DAVIDsTEA in Boston, so this was going to be a treat!  We browsed the shop and of course purchased some teas and tea to go!  Next up LUSH.  I get their book every few months, but let me tell you their store is something else!  It smells amazing and their staff is super helpful.  I wanted everything…well everything that didn’t have coconut in it.

I settled on a new shampoo, face bar, face cream bar, and a mask.  All of it was amazing.  Plus now I know what to ask for for Christmas! Muahahaha! We headed back to JRC’s place where we feasted on left over chinese food and made plans to head out to a haunted house.  Which was fun and the take away from Blood Manor was NO TOUCHING – sorry kids, you had to be there.

Then we began a quest to find a food truck Wafels & Dinges.  But said truck was not to be found.  But we did find a used book store and I of course made a purchase of these two gems.

I will always buy Sherlock Holmes books.
I will always buy Sherlock Holmes books.

We also found a comic book shop open super late and delicious sushi too. That night we opted for a cab ride home.  The next and final day in NYC we were off to watch JRC play in a bowling league.  Which was interesting, even if the staff was a bit snooty. But then, then we went to the pickle festival!  Yup that’s a thing that happens in NYC.  By the time we arrived there were hardly any pickles to be had.  Yet we still managed to score one.

Sadly I had to make my way back to Penn Station.  We had ourselves a drink while we waited at the station then JRC saw me off.  But I do hope to go back before I see her again in April in Atlanta.  After all we live so close(ish) it shouldn’t be too hard right?

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