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Sunday evening I felt was a good time to order tea…like you do.  Wait, let me go back a few steps.  I’m attending a Sherlock Holmes convention in 2015 and I wanted to try and come up with a blend of teas for several folks who have dubbed ourselves the #TeaMafia.  We like tea, do not mess with our tea.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun.  I’ve done it in the past for friends (and I haven’t killed anyone yet).  So I placed my order from Adagio Teas.  Which was to arrive by 11/25.  Well, it didn’t.  No big deal, after all I’d be at work on Wednesday until 3pm right?  Wrong, due to the snow we were let out at noon. Sure it was nice, but dammit I wanted my tea!  I didn’t leave work till 12:45, but guess what arrived ten minutes after I left…yup my tea.  Murphy’s Law right? Thankfully, the mister knew I REALLY wanted to play with the tea this weekend (I’m off till Monday).  So while we were out running non-Black Friday errands he dropped me by the office and I stole in for my tea!

Behold ALL the tea!
Behold ALL the tea!

You will see that three of these teas have funky/cool labels.  These are a part of Adagio’s fandom blends section on their site.  One of the biggest blenders on Adagio is Cara McGee.  Seriously, she’s got a blend for just about every fandom.  I typically shop her Sherlock teas.  Hey, I love Sherlock and I love tea.  It’s a natural progression that I would love these teas.  (I should mention I’ve had close to 5 cups of tea at the time of this writing…)  Now the Mycroft tea I’ve had before.  Which I didn’t care for until a friend offered a method for taking it that made me fall in love (keep reading). Folks go out and get this tea.  Here be black tea, rooibos, chocolate, cinnamon, and more…basically add a little splash of milk and vanilla sugar and you have yourself a brew of cake fit for Mycroft’s diet.

Then there was The Government & The Inspector a Mystrade Tea blend. If you know me, you know this is not my first ship to ship in the fleet.  However, after brewing up a cup I have to wonder where the heck this tea has been all my life!  In this blend is a little chai, some hazelnut, and other goodies that had be burning my mouth to chug it down faster.  Again, go and order this one, I’ll wait.  Did I mention there’s free shipping on any order (at least today) from Adagio?  Yeah, go ORDER SOME TEA.

The last tea from Cara’s collection I purchased and tried out was Are You Trying to Deduce Me? This is a really sweet and floral type tea.  There’s hazelnut and earl grey with lavender and of course other things in this one.  It is again mighty tasty and worth picking up.  Just saying.

I also picked up some teas for blending purposes.  Earl Grey Lavender and Puerh Chorange to use as bases for blends.  The results were interesting. Not bad, but not yet ready for prime time consumption by the #TeaMafia.  I’m getting there.  But more supplies are needed and on their way from Adagio. This time I was smart enough to have the order shipped to my house.  I’ve learned from the earlier mistake the hard way.  Due to so much experimenting and caffeine I shall resume my testing and blending tomorrow.

If you happen to want to buy any other the above mentioned teas head on over to Adagio’s website and check them out or find your own favorites. Meanwhile, I think I need a nap or to run a few laps around the house. Cheers!

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