Sherlock Holmes: Then, Now, and Always

As you may or may not know I love Sherlock Holmes.  Be it the Canon, TV, movies (not all movies, but some), I love it.  I’ve read all the stories and 4 longer pieces, all in one summer in ’94 or ’95.  My pop had loved the stories and offered to buy me Vol. 1 & 2 if I promised to read them. Read them I did and then we would spend hours talking about them.   Of the stories there were some I truly did not enjoy…Valley of Fear anyone?  Others are at the top of my list of favorites…I’m looking at you Three Garridebs (for obvious reason I will not go into here).

My favorite film adaptation of the Canon would have to be that of Jeremy Brett.  That man was Sherlock Holmes at least in my book.  But I hear you say “he was just acting”.  Yes, but I haven’t really seen anyone come anywhere near his performance of the Great Detective. Yes Mr. Cumberbatch has come close.  I happen to think his portrayal of Holmes is very good for a modern day telling.  However, as far as traditional Holmes goes Brett is you man.


I was lucky enough to receive the Complete Series of the Granada Holmes Blu-ray for Christmas from my hubbins and I started it New Year’s Eve.  Oddly enough the Series isn’t truly complete as of the 60 stories only 42 were dramatized for television and two stories were combined The Mazarin Stone and Three Garridebs.  There are I think 18 stories not accounted for in the Granada Series.  I myself would have loved to have seen their take on A Study in Scarlet.  But we can’t have everything can we.

I do have good news if you can’t afford the hefty price tag on the complete series…they are available on You Tube.  Once in a great while Netflix adds them back to streaming too.  But you can also request the discs if you like.

Other incarnations of Sherlock Holmes include The Great Mouse Detective and Young Sherlock Holmes.  I happen to own GMD on DVD (also streaming on Netflix).  I also have two made for TV movies: Sherlock: Case of Evil and The Case of the Silk Stalking, which were just ok.  Before you ask I also have VHS copies of Star Trek: TNG when Data took to the holodeck to portray Holmes.

When you think about it they really were like Holmes and Watson in space...
When you think about it they really were like Holmes and Watson in space…

I of course also read a lot of “new” stories about Sherlock Holmes.  I would highly recommend Dust and Shadow: An Account of the Ripper Killings by Dr. John H. Watson written by Lyndsay Faye.  This is one of the top notch stories I’ve read as of late.  However, there are also the other glorious fanfiction based stories written over at AO3.  Some are of course very slashy and about both BBC Sherlock and Canon Sherlock, but many of them are so well done you might forget you are reading fan written tales.  (Please note many AO3 stories are NOT for your kids to read)

So what are your favorite adaptations of the famous detective?  Tell me about it in the comments.


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