The game is something…

On?  Well, it was supposed to be.  Sadly it seems my back has gone the way of the hubbins and is not having our mattress one bit.  I’m hopeful we only will need to turn said mattress and maybe add a mattress pad thing to it.  I’d rather we not have to buy a new queen sized mattress thanks ever so much.

I was planning to head out to Troy to finish up some super secret shopping for some long distance friends.  But it would appear that ship has sailed for now.  But I have foolishly done some laundry because I’d rather not be naked come Monday.  That would take some explaining now wouldn’t it.  In the meantime I’ve been watching the Granada Holmes Series and enjoying the adventures all over again.  With any luck I’ll be able to move and possibly have a date with my husband a little later this evening.

Fingers Crossed.

These two (aka Consulting Husbands)
These two!

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