Well that was a bust

Last weekend I tried to introduce The Niece to Sherlock Holmes.  It went over like a lead balloon.  She was too “bored”.  Oddly enough the kid also eats like a bird (little to nothing), and never seems to want to go to bed.  Sound like a certain famous detective?  Yeah I thought so too.  Granted I did try introducing her via Granada Holmes with Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes.  The Niece was not impressed.  In fact she sat and watch for ten minutes before declaring she was BORED.  I will admit the Granada series is a bit dry at times.

I then attempted to see if she wanted to read one of the short stories. Nope…again bored.  Then again all of the copies of the Canon I have are huge and perhaps a little daunting to a ten year old.  New plan, try to find a kid friendly sized copy to gift The Niece at her upcoming birthday.  Don’t worry I’ll be sure to also get her something she actually wants too.  I’m not a completely heartless aunt!

On the upside she did enjoy playing board games with her uncle and I. Ticket to Ride was the big winner of the games we played.  Though she kept calling it Ticket to Flight….so get on that game makers!  In fact it would appear she wants this game for her birthday.  Makes things easy. Plus I’d much rather give he a board game and not a video game.

That being said anyone have an versions of the Sherlock Holmes stories that are kid friendly in size?  Let me know if the comments.

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