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If you know me – you know I like tea.  If you don’t know me, now you know how I feel about tea.  Right so where am I going with this?  Well, there are loads of tea businesses out there.  In fact I used to own one of them.  It was VERY small and I basically re-sold teas from other online companies.  I eventually had to give it up to get a job that helped to pay the bills.

But I still buy a lot of tea (which was easier when I had my wholesale discounts).  So I wanted to share some of my favorite places to buy tea.  You know in case you like tea too!

First up Harney and Sons Fine Teas.  I’ve been to their shop in Millerton, NY and even had a tour from John Harney himself.  Sadly the tea world lost John this past Summer.  He was amazing and had hands down the best stories to tell.  I’m happy to say that John’s sons are keeping the tea business alive and they continue to carry on the tea blending tradition started by their dad thirty years ago.  Shop their online store or visit them in Millerton or SoHo!  Personal favorites include: Hot Cinnamon Spice, Vanilla Comoro, and Paris.

Another somewhat local company to me is Upton Tea Imports.  They have one hell of a quarterly tea catalog that you can have shipped to your home or view online.  I have never had one issue with getting teas delivered super fast from them.  They too sell quality tea and a whole lot of it!  Personal favorites include: Baker Street Afternoon (for obvious reasons), Halamari Estate, Bond Street English Breakfast, and Vannila tea.  Added bonus you can personalize the labels for your tea!

Not very local but still good is Adagio Teas.  They have the usual straight and flavored teas.  BUT they also have their fandom blends.  Fandom blends?  I hear you ask.  Yes!  Love Sherlock?  There are loads of tea blends for that?  What about Game of Thrones….yup there’s a blend for that too.  LOADS of blends for favorite shows, movies, you name it, well someone probably made a blend for it.  Personal favorites include: Black Dragon Pearls (for straight tea) Mycroft, Holmes Bros. Holiday Brew, and Lestrade (for fandom blends).

If you like tea you should check out these tea companies and give them a go.  If you do, let me know what you think!

*Please note I was not compensated for plugging any of these here companies.

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