AKA SNOW!  Winter Storm Juno is currently hitting NYC and it does not look like good times.  It appears the city will be getting a shitload of snow.  While here in Upstate NY (there is a difference) we’ll have close to a foot of snow by the time all is said and done.  Which is a foot too much for me thank you.  It messes with my commute, gone are the days when I worked for a college so we had to close for the safety of the students.  Now we might open late or maybe get a delay, but I don’t think we’ll close.  Our NYC office did for obvious reasons.

I’m ok with it.  No really I am.  Sure I could catch up on my Netflix binge or find something new on Amazon Prime…Transparent was awesome!  I could even work on a few more blog posts or read.  But it’s cool I’ve got 2 1/2 weeks of going nowhere coming up really quickly. Let’s ease into that shall we?

The one thing I’m actually really irked about it I feel like my local high school closes A LOT more now that I’m not in high school.  I remember those days getting up early having to wait until they got to the “N”‘s and HOPING we would close.  Usually we did, but when we didn’t it was not good times in our house.

At least now when I go to work I can wear jeans so I don’t have to worry about wrecking my dress pants.  But man oh man would a snow day be nice….who am I kidding?  Time to put some ice cubes in the toilet!

Oh and a few more funnies for your snowmaggedon evening…

We're somewhere in the six bottle area.
We’re somewhere in the six bottle area.


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