Where did you get those eyes?

From my momma and my poppa thank you!

But somewhere around maybe age two (I don’t really know the origin age of my eye issues) my mother noticed something was wrong. Actually people used to think I was a monster flirt when I was really little because of the amount of time I spent blinking/winking.  I also had/have killer eye lashes, which aided folks in thinking I was a little flirt.  Anyway long story short it was found I had/have nystagmus.  I bet there’s a post on the blog about all this somewhere…hell if I can find it! So nystagmus is an involuntary movement of the eyes either side to side or up and down.  Mine rock the lesser known/seen side to side. Because why should my eyes be text book?

Next on the hit parade I was diagnosed with cataracts (a film on the lens of the eye) at age twelve (it might have been eleven).  Mind you because I was so young the hospital flat out refused to allow the surgeon to put in lens implants once the bad lenses were removed.  I have since learned it was the lens maker who was worried I would sue later in life.  Yes because I would totally want to sue someone for giving me better vision.  Oh and those coke-bottle glasses were super hot.

My pair were not this bad...but they weren't great either!
My pair were not this bad…but they weren’t great either!

Fast forward to 1998 when I finally got my lens implants!  Which was a total fluke.  I was just going in for a needed eye check-up and the next thing I know we’re scheduling surgery for the following Summer!  I still wear glasses, but I wear glasses that most everyone else gets to wear. Now move ahead again a few more years and we come to the strabismus portion of the show.  My left eye started to pull to the left. So back I went to my first eye surgeon to correct the problem.  Which worked for two years.  Not his fault, my eye just sucks.  So 2008 we tried again and it worked until now.

So next week on the 4th I will have my 12th? eye surgery.  Yeah I’ve had a lot.  Who know if I’ll ever be done.  But if you don’t see posts on the Facebooks, Twitter, here or anywhere else that’s because I’m resting my eye (and the right one too….it’s been pulling double duty for a while now).  However, if you do see posts….it’s only because I went ahead and wrote up a lot of posts this week to cover for me!  I’m so smart sometimes!

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