I’m up!

A few weeks ago I had to start taking two medications twice a day (no worries nothing serious). At the time I took the first dose I didn’t realize this. So I took the first dose at 6:30pm. Great right? Not when you have to take the second twelve hours later….at 6:30am! Now this isn’t a problem during the week, in fact it’s the time I need to get up to be ready to leave the house. So it’s great I’m up AND out of bed.

On the weekends not so much. I LOVE to sleep in. So I figured I’d take the meds and go back to bed. Hahahaha….nice thought. Because once I’m up our cats figure it’s breakfast time and so I feed them. Then I figure I should eat and before you know it it’s 9am and I’ve actually got things done (laundry started, blogs posted, etc.). So in a way this has become a blessing in disguise.

However, you can bet your ass I’m getting a nap later today!

Author: galinthegreyhat

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