Beware the two ingredient recipe

First, yes I know it’s been an age. But life gets busy and well that’s how that goes.

Anyway, this morning I REALLY wanted pancakes. We don’t have any milk. Ok, I think…I’ll just go to the internet. As I recalled seeing a recipe there once for two ingredient pancakes using eggs and bananas – which I did have. So I find one. Looks super easy (and bonus it’s gluten free) what COULD possibly go wrong?

EVERYTHING! Long story short…two pancakes in and it smells like the smoke alarm is going to go off and I say screw it and scrap everything and pour myself a bowl of cereal and eat it dry! Two ingredients my ass. More like how to waste two ingredients in under ten minutes.

Happy Sunday (sort of)!

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2 thoughts on “Beware the two ingredient recipe”

  1. Aw… I hope the cereal wasn’t too bad. I used to love eating cereal like that!

    Plus those pancakes would be the death of me. The two foods I’m allergic to? Eggs and bananas!

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