In other news…

Today is my momma’s birthday.


So we’ll be heading out to the country to celebrate…with sweet and sour chicken from scratch. Not to worry I am not cooking this time. My sister who has all the culinary talent in the family will be making lunch. Me? I’ll just be buying the items she needs to make the magic happen. If my last post tells you anything I’m WAY better at buying and not so great at making (however, my lasagna soup is out of this world).

I was also notified by wordpress that the last post I made was post 200 on the blog! Seems fitting that my 200th post would be me bitching about something doesn’t it? I had hoped such a milestone would be marked with something far more profound…but there I am bitching about shitty pancakes.

Just like old times…it’s good to be back!

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  1. Wish your Mom a Happy Birthday from Steve and I! Unfortunately she is not part of my fab tribe (makes well wishes so much more efficient)

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