A nap is on the horizon…

It rained here most of yesterday. But it did dry out in time for my neighbor to put on one hell of a display…from 9:30 to well past midnight! And yes folks I had the pleasure(?) of being awake for all of it. So yes, yes there will be a nap in my very near future!

To add insult to injury my right sinus is still kicking my butt with whatever is going on there. Which added in my lack of sleep last night. As I had to slap a heating pad sort of thing on my face in order to fall asleep in July. I don’t get/like it either, but there we are.

In the meantime I’ll make myself a cup of tea, perhaps try to steam my sinus with a shower and then, then a nap. A sweet, sweet nap.

Happy Sunday!

Author: galinthegreyhat

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