The awesome side of pregnancy

I recently shared some of the gross things that come with pregnancy. So I figured I should balance that out with the good and awesome things I’ve experienced with pregnancy.

Ultrasounds – Getting to see your little one growing and changing from a little blob to a little human is AWESOME. More awesome is when they are moving and grooving around inside! Plus walking away with 3-4 pictures is also very cool. I look at mine almost every night…unless I forget because I’m super tired.

Kicks and jabs – Those first flutters were hard for me to tell if it was gas or actual baby movement. However, around week 20 or 21 I started to feel actual movement! Then out of nowhere I started feeling it on the outside too which meant my husband could too. It is the weirdest and most amazing thing ever. And sometimes it’s a little painful too. I’ve already had one instance where the wee one stretched horizontally with arms and legs out and it damn near took my breathe away. I know these kicks will only become more frequent as time goes on and all I can say is BRING IT! Though I would like to know how the kid smuggles an umbrella in there. Seriously, the other day it felt like I was meeting the business end of an umbrella!

Playing music for your belly – The wee one can not only hear me and everyone else at this point, but also music. So we’ve tried out a few tunes for the Sprout with headphones on my belly to see what would happen. When we tried out The Beatles we got nothing. Same thing when my husband thought playing Rammstein’s (German Metal Band) Du Hast Mich was a good idea…the kid is not a fan. The other night I happened to bring up one of my favorites by The Dresden Dolls, Backstabber. Well, holy kicking Batman! So either the kid really loves Amanda Palmer or really doesn’t. Either way ALL THE KICKING happened and it was awesome.

Tell me a story – It sounds silly when you do it, but reading to your growing baby is really a good idea. I started doing it this past weekend. I figure my kid needs a change of pace from hearing me talk about disability rights all day at work right? (Though I figure I’m starting said kid young on how to treat people better so win win) I started reading Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman over the weekend. I stopped halfway through because it was late. About five minutes after I did I again got all the kicks. So either it was time to kick momma or someone wanted more of the story read to them! Either way I plan to read a little of something every night to the wee one.

So you see there are cool things about pregnancy and it isn’t all about gross bodily functions (50/50 I’d say). I’ll take all of it, not that I have a choice with some of it. But if it means I get a happy healthy kid at the end will BRING IT ON I say!

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