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*Jazz hands*
*Jazz hands*

My copy of Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess) arrived yesterday which was like Christmas because I sort of forgot I had ordered it. Listen a lot has been going on in my life… Anywho I practically ripped the book from my UPS guy’s hands..I said I was excited. Her first book, Let’s Pretend this Never Happened, is one I reread chapters from often.

Right so the tittle of this post….well it’s from the book. Wise words Jenny received from none other than Neil Gaiman. Side note I really want to be friends with Jenny and Neil. Seriously, they seem like really fun people to hang out with AND I think they’d “get” me. Maybe. Or they’d get a restraining order, stay tuned.

But he has a point…sort of goes along the lines of fake it till you make it. But as usual Neil Gaiman says it better. It’s the whole being British thing. I like to write. Sometimes I even write a lot here on this blog. But do I think I’m good at it? Well, no one’s offered to pay me lots of monies to turn my shit into a book…so no, no I do not. But this chapter taught me to ignore that and just run (or type) with it.

So that’s what I’m going to do. Keep writing and see what shakes out from it. Is any of this making sense? If it is color me impressed. If it isn’t you need to read Jenny’s books…then perhaps you too can “get” me.

But I will tell you a few things I am certain I am good at:

Cursing – not proud of this one, but I have come up with some GEMS lately. Apologies to the wee one who I’m certain I have taught to curse already. Forget Momma and Dada we’re heading straight to f*ck you. (sorry mom)

Eating everything in sight – Um hi pregnant. If there’s food and I can eat it (gluten free) I will. End of story.

Sarcasm – Have you read this blog?

NOT saying things out loud that would only get me in trouble – Pretty self-explanatory.

So there are things I don’t have to pretend to be good at. Now to carry that over into things I think I’m bad at and you know just pretend I’m good at them. This should be easy right? Hahahahahaha!

I’ll also leave you with this gem from the book. Because Benedict Cumberbatch AND Alan Rickman…Jenny KNOWS me! (Also yes a full review will turn up eventually when I finish reading)

I laughed a little too loud and long at this.
I laughed a little too loud and long at this.

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