I’ve got a three day weekend…

So what to do with it…besides all that laundry piling up in the basement? Yeah the nesting phase hasn’t set in yet. I’m told sometimes it never does…sorry hubbins. Then again I still have 14-ish weeks to go so anything can happy. Right so I happen to have a three day weekend before me. What to do with the time?

First, let’s be honest I’m going to need underwear so yeah laundry will have to be done. Little known fact I actually don’t mind doing laundry. I just would love it if I opened the dryer and all that shit was folded because that would be amazing. Think about it, throw in wet clothing….wait an hour open and remove folder clothing ready to be put away. Get on that dryer designer people!

I also plan to write. I cranked out a little over a thousand words the other night in my personal memoirs. Yeah I don’t know why I’m writing this. No one is beating a path to my door to hear my life story. It just seemed like a fun side project to work on here and there. At the very least some day my kid(s) will find it and say “this explains so much about mom”. So you’re welcome future children. I might also work on a few of the NaNoWriMo stories I’ve finished. Writing makes me happy and I need to do more of it.

Gifts need to be purchased for birthdays and anniversary’s too. Birthday is one one of my favorite little ladies and I’m super excited to celebrate with her and her family next weekend. The anniversary gifting is for the hubbins. We’ll be married 5 years next week! But this years gifts are boring…wood or silverware? Really people? Lame. I’m thinking he might just get a book…paper comes from trees, trees are made out of wood…BOOM done.

Reading of the books. Yeah I have quite the TBR pile doing and all this time is the perfect excuse to read at least two to three of them. I promised myself I’d read like 30 before the year is out and I should get on that seeing as I apparently won’t have time to wipe my bottom once the wee one gets here. (I’m sure I’ll have time, but not the kind of time I have now)

Must read all the books!
Must read all the books!

The main goal of the weekend will be to NOT just sit around and binge on Netflix. After all that is totally a thing that can happen (and has).

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