And with your Spirit

Story time children.

I was raised Catholic. I was baptized, had reconciliation, first communion, and was confirmed in the Catholic Church. My first legit job was working in the church rectory after school and on weekends. I once even played Mary at the Christmas Mass. Heck I even went to a Catholic college. While I loved college going to a Catholic college was probably what turned me away from going to church and it all went down hill from there.

I just stopped going. Part of the reason was we didn’t always have a priest at mass in college so the nun who ran the campus ministry ran it. That was weird for me. Plus she would invite us up (when their was a priest) while he was doing the whole transubstantiation thing. Which was so not ok in my book and was a huge turn off to be quite honest. Not to mention that during college my folks had moved about an hour away from the church we’d gone to all my life and the new one was not for me. So again I just stopped going.

Now I’ve been to church for baptisms, communions, confirmations, and weddings (let me tell you full Mass weddings are LONG bring a snack – kidding). However, over the last two to three years I’ve been telling my husband (no we were not married in the Catholic Church and yes we’re totally ok with this) that I wanted to go back. But I didn’t do more than note yes there were two churched in the city we lived in. Why? Probably because I was lazy.

But we’re expecting a wee one and we’ve promised that we’ll baptize the baby. Which means at least one of us joining a local parish and going to mass. That someone would be me. So last night I went to the 4pm Saturday mass at the local church. I even made some snarky posts on the twitter about it.

Hey it could have I said it's been a while.
Hey it could have happened…like I said it’s been a while.

But you know something…I actually enjoyed myself. Except the one bit where the prayers have been changed to “get closer to the latin”. I knew this was a thing, but I do not like the things. But I was happy to see that I wasn’t the one one with the hymnal open to the front where it lists what you’re supposed to say and when. Small favors. But seriously, the music for mass were some of my favorites from my childhood days of attending mass. Plus the readings seemed hand picked just for me.

Plus the priest was a younger man who seemed to really know how to and what to say to engage the younger and older parishioners in attendance. Ok and yes the church reminded me of my church from childhood too. In all it just felt right and like I was supposed to be there. So yes I’ll go back next weekend and see if the feeling persists and go from there. Stay tuned.

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