Love of Broadway renewed by @HamiltonMusical

It’s no secret I love Broadway theatre. Well, maybe it is as I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it here. SURPRISE now you know! Anywho, I typically have liked/listened to more traditional musicals like Phantom of the Opera, A Little Night Music, Les Mis and the like. Hell, I think the most “risqué” Broadway soundtracks I own are probably RENT and Spring Awakening. When I say risqué I mean of course in language and content. Both have cursing, sexual connotation, and such. And I thought that I had heard it all. But then I heard folks from all over all corners of the internet talking about a new musical, Hamilton the Musical that is.

The soundtrack was released last week and it seems everyone and their brother is listening to this one. Honestly this is not the typical musical I usually listen to. The music is a mix of rap, hip hop, and traditional style Broadway (the last is the one I’m most used to). So I wasn’t sure if I would really like this. I listened to all the previews of the songs. Then I listened to the previews again. Twenty minutes later I purchased the soundtrack and haven’t stopped listening since then. Yes, it is that good. You should probably go download it now and come back to finish reading this.

Did you do it? Eh you’re loss if you didn’t. The music is upbeat, catchy, and engaging. Added bonus it presents US History in a fun way so that you don’t realize that you might be learning something while singing along. Lin-Manuel Miranda portrays Alexander Hamilton and well, damn the man has a voice! The surprise on the soundtrack was finding our Jonathan Groff has a cameo as King George! I almost didn’t recognize his voice, but oh my god his portrayal is hilarious (and great).

Honestly I have no complaints about this musical at all. I would love to tell you I have a favorite song, but I can’t pick just one. None of them are similar and each holds their own. I could keep going, but it’s getting late and I should wrap this up and get ready for bed…right after I write just a little more…

Anyway, Lin-Manual Miranda is a wonder. He was behind In the Heights which I understand was awesome. I’ve heard some of the music here and there, but haven’t bought the soundtrack yet. But it’s now on my list for sure. While I haven’t seen the musical in person I think Miranda hits it out of the park with this music. He’s also won a whole lot of awards for the show already…color me impressed.

I mean you know it’s a good musical when people who aren’t into musicals at all suggest it to you. Plus it seems like it’s all anyone can talk about. Not to mention that tickets to show are now on sale for shows starting in June 2016! Looks like I’ll be checking this one out when it starts touring…you’ll be requesting this show right Proctors!

In all honesty I haven’t really listened to any Broadway music in an age until now. Call my love of Broadway renewed. In act it makes me want to revisit the musical I started YEARS ago. Yeah that’s write I started writing a musical…no I won’t tell you what it’s about. Instead I’m going to get my bum in front of the keyboard and get back to it. Crazy right? Maybe. But why not right?

You should check this bad boy out. No really.
You should check this bad boy out. No really.

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