Don’t tell me Star Wars and Star Trek are the same…

…by the same token don’t tell me girls/women can’t like either. Because I will flip out. Where’s this coming from? Well, I stopped into my local Starbucks for an after work treat/keep awake treat to stay up for The Blacklist. The barista was talking to another about a customer who told them girls can’t like Star Wars, because apparently science. As in we “don’t get it.”

Right Ben?
Right Ben?

I had to ask what they were talking about. When they told me I just sat there with my jaw open for a bit and even forgot my order! I love Star Wars! The mister and I watch it on VHS every Fall (we don’t allow that remastered shit in this house). Granted my favorite is Return of the Jedi. Which is apparently what a majority of women prefer. Most guys love Empire Strikes Back. I think I like Jedi because it ties up the story nicely. BUT I also obviously enjoy the other two movies too.

These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise...
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise…

Anywho apparently the male customer also made mention that Star Wars and Star Trek were the same…uh no sir, no they are not. The only thing they have in common is that have “star” in the title. One is WAY more SciFi than the other (Star Trek). Star Wars while it has sweet scifi elements (ships, hyperspeed, etc.) is based around The Force. Which for me is HEAVY on the fantasy level of things. While Star Trek is all about exploring the future seeking out new life and new civilizations…SCIENCE people.

In all honesty I like them both. What’s not to like really? Granted I know there are people out there that prefer one to the other and who just don’t like either (Yeah they do exist). But I think I like Star Wars just a little more than Star Trek. It’s probably The Force that does it for me and the love story between Han and Leia (I know). But Star Trek is awesome and I love all the tech they get to play with!

So do you prefer one over the other? Let me know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t tell me Star Wars and Star Trek are the same…”

  1. I will always be a Trekkie first and foremost. I like Star Wars, but I grew up watching Star Trek, and I will always care more about the Star Trek franchise than the Star Wars franchise. Star Trek was more science-y, yes, but it also focused on interpersonal relationships. Star Wars was a big swashbuckling fantasy set in space; Star Trek took our contemporary issues and relationships and put a futuristic spin on them (often showing us how absurd or backwards-thinking we were being, as in “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” and “A Taste of Armageddon”). So yes, Star Trek to the end of my days! LLAP!

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