Hey another three day weekend!

What to do with it? Well, naturally there will be the general laundry and other adulting duties to complete. But we have some other plans in place. Like a birthday party for one of our favorite three year olds. Let me tell you getting the gifts from Amazon was a monster pain in the ass. Which involved them sending me a whole new set of gifts with one day shipping.

Why? Well, it seems their tracking text feature was super buggy telling me it would arrive one day when in reality they had arrived the day before during a horrible 8 hour downpour. Which wouldn’t have been bad, but there were books in the order and yeah…those couldn’t be given as a gift. Long story short Amazon came through and made it right in record time. So I’m looking forward to the party.

There’s also church. I missed last week as I didn’t feel well. But I found I missed it. Weird right? Yeah I don’t get it either, but there we are. So I’ll hit up the Saturday night vigil mass. Good times. Then dinner out because who doesn’t like going out to dinner?

Of course I might just keep listening to Hamilton...
Of course I might just keep listening to Hamilton…

That still leaves two days. To be honest I haven’t really thought much about what I’ll do with those two days beyond needing to do some work on the nursery. There isn’t much time left to get things ready before the little one makes an appearance. So we’ll have to put the petal to the metal. So stay tuned to see what I do with the other two days. Unless of course I just veg in front of Netflix…it could happen!


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