We named the dog Indiana

Ever since we revealed that we’re having a boy everyone has been asking what his name is. Well, that’s simple…you’ll find out when he’s born. Though we have been tempted to just tell people Indiana, because why not? Basically we want to have one last little secret that’s just ours until he makes his appearance in a few short weeks.

Which brings me to those asking us how much of him we’ll be sharing with social media and the answer is not a whole lot. We’ve a secret group on Facebook for family and close friends that will see posts and pictures. But after posting about his arrival on our individual pages there really won’t be much. It’s nothing against anyone, it’s just how we feel.

Plus as his parents we want to control what gets put out there about him. Which is legit our right to do as his parents. So know we’re not trying to be assholes, we’re just choosing what and how we share our son with the world. Of course you’ll see reference to him on the blog, it’ll be hard to keep this up and NOT mention him. But you’ll see him called SproutCroft (the name we called him from the first ultrasound combined with my love of Mycroft Holmes.

Again, that’s it. I can’t help it, the closer my due date gets the stronger my mama bear protectiveness kicks in. Seriously it isn’t pretty these days when people try to rub my belly without asking. So again know we’re not trying to be chumps, just protective parents.

Author: galinthegreyhat

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