At least it’s Friday…

I’ll admit this has been one of the worst weeks. Why? Several reasons, thanks for asking, but I’m only going to tell you about one of the things. Because I’m a horrible person. No, I’m not sorry.

Anyway, the one thing…I caught a cold from my husband. Which normally wouldn’t rank as a worst week sort of thing until you factor in being 36 weeks pregnant. Which let me tell you amplifies the feeling of wanting to die by 400 easily. I was feeling potentially gross Sunday, but by Tuesday morning I was full on “no way in hell can I go to work after this OB appointment” (which went fine thanks). Oddly enough the OB’s office agreed with me. In fact they told me if I wasn’t better by Wednesday morning I should stay home that day too. I didn’t, so home it was for day two of me tea and the couch. Plus ALL the naps.

I had friends who were super jealous. Listen people there was no reason to be jealous. Staying home sick as an adult is not the same at when you’re a kid. First, a lot of the time as a kid you were faking it to get out of something. Don’t tell me you weren’t because we all were. Sure there were times when we were in fact legit dying, but 85% of the time we were faking it. Meanwhile when you stay home sick as an adult I think it’s more 98% it’s because you actually feel like death and not because something awesome dropped on Netflix (there was nothing good on Netflix).

There were a few other “meh” things about this week, but that one was the topper (sort of). Here’s hoping next week will be better. How was your week? As always let me know in the comments.

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