The Story of Tonight

Wow has it really been so long? Well, this time I have a really good reason and he arrived on January 1, 2016. Yeah we missed the tax deadline, but he’s very much worth it. Granted we haven’t really slept much in the last five weeks, but that’s every parent with children isn’t it? Yeah it is. Unless of course you happen to be my brother who slept through the night at SIX DAYS OLD. I wouldn’t have believed it either if I hadn’t been there to see it myself.

No matter, I’m sure our little guy will be sleeping through the night before we know it, but until then we make it work…or try to sleep when he does.

As for his birth it was rather something else. When I was taking lamaze classes with my hubbins I swore I would use as few interventions as possible to bring our little one into the world. Which I did to a point…but I’m getting ahead of myself. On New Year’s Eve we went out for some Five Guys burgers and watched Star Wars: A New Hope. You know the one before Lucas went back and ruined it with extra CGI crap. It was halfway through the movie that I started noting the 5-1-1 of contractions and called my OB’s office. They asked if I wanted to go to the hospital and I said I was good and would call should anything change.

By 10:30pm the contractions were still 5-1-1 and I figured I would need a nap if I was going to make it to ringing in the new year. As it happens my body had other plans. Around 11pm I woke with a start ad just knew I had to get up, something was weird. The moment I stood up my water broke a bit like it does in the movies – even though our lamaze teacher says it never happens like that. So there I was calling the doctor back and being told to head to the hospital.

Long story short by 8:30am I was getting an epidural, by 3pm we were adding pitocin to the mix to move things along, and finally after pushing for close to three hours my doctor broke out the vacuum in order to help get our little one out and save me a trip to the OR to go in and get him. I will say that after all the interventions I had hoped I wouldn’t need we ended up with a pretty awesome little baby who keeps life very interesting and I couldn’t imagine not having in our life. Even with all the sleep I’m missing out on I wouldn’t change this last 9+ months for the world.

Some day I might tell our son the story of his birth (leaving out all the bits I clearly remember as if it happened yesterday and that’s all I’ll say about that) and by someday I mean when he’s about to have his own first baby. And speaking of…he’s waking up so my free time is up for now.

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