Baby Krueger {the struggle is real}

Any mom (or dad for that matter) knows exactly what this short post is about…those sharp little baby nails claws that feel like they should look a lot like this…

Seriously the struggle and pain is SO very real that we’ve called our little guy baby krueger and baby scissorhands…

Thankfully they don’t! But OMG are they sharp. And they can certainly do a lot of damage to baby and mamma…

OUCH! I count at least 7 scratches…on my chest. Let’s not even talk about the horrible scratches he’s had on his own face!

Yeah that smarts a lot. Though not as much as when those little nails rake across your nipple – I swear I saw stars! The worst part is I swear they grow overnight even of we just clipped or filed them down.

How bad has your little one gotten you? Enough to draw blood?

Author: galinthegreyhat

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