What being a stay at home mom really means

Let me first say I am very lucky that my husband and I were able to afford (with some cutting of spending/luxuries) me staying home with our little guy. Thank you hubbins, you are THE BEST! So today I started my first official day as a stay at home momma. Granted I was doing it while on maternity leave too. But I’m counting this as my first day of my new job.

They don't even make these anymore.
They don’t even make these anymore.

One friend asked me how living the life of ease was? I had all I could do not to laugh in her face or worse. I guess she assumed that I sat around all day and ate bon-bons in front of the TV or did a lot of online shopping. Which as any seasoned SAHM knows is not the case.

Here’s the basic, yet not exact way my day might go: My day starts around 8am (sometimes at 3 and 6 when he stirs because he’s hungry) when the little one wakes up and I change my first gross diaper of the day. I then dress the baby in outfit one of who knows how many. Then it’s off to put him in his swing while I try to make a cup of coffee (that I try not to leave under the Keurig all day and actually drink), take my vitamins, and maybe grab some breakfast. Usually I only get the vitamins.

Next little one gets breakfast from me. While he’s eating I check in quick on Facebook (I love the mom group I’m a member of) and go through my emails. Little one then typically takes his morning nap which is when I get to work on laundry, dishes, or something else for the house for as long as his sleeping lasts so I had better make the most of it!

Once he’s awake it’s time for a diaper change possibly two (lucky me) and feeding again. I might draft one of these posts on my phone and work on it later during nap time. We then play for a little and get in another change and feeding before the afternoon nap. Sometimes I join in at nap time and sometimes I get a few more loads of laundry done, folded, and put away.

Did I mention it’s now close to 4pm and I’m still in my pj’s? Yeah that’s my life I usually don’t get dressed like an adult unless we’re going out to an appointment or to see the grandparents. Besides with the amount of spit up I deal with in a day why ruin perfectly good clothing? Spoiler alert there’s no need to ruin those good clothes that my ass probably can’t fit back into yet anyway. Then again I love my pregnancy leggings and really don’t want to give them up. Yes, I’ve become that momma. Sorry not sorry.

Where was I? Right it’s now 4pm and we’ve got some time before Daddy gets home. So we’re now on feeding/changing number who the hell knows at this point. But before we know it Daddy’s home and we tag team parenting so I can get a shower or Daddy can get some video game time in before we start on dinner. After dinner, which I’ve probably eaten lukewarm or even cold it’s time to quiet down to get the little ready to go to bed. Which means more feeding/changing and depending on what day it is bath time.

If we’re lucky he’s ready to co-sleep with momma for the night by 11pm. And by lucky I mean it’s usually later (yay). But yes friend who thought I now lived a life of ease all day please note I’m probably still not showered and I probably only had dinner as far as meals go for the day. Did I even go to the bathroom? Seriously this is not an easy job at all. I also now know why they say this is the toughest job you’ll ever love. Because even after getting peed/pooped/spit up on countless times throughout the day I get to see my ever changing kid and maintain my house.

I’m also a much happier person unlike when I was working out of the home. Who knew? Are you a stay at home mom? What’s your day like?

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3 thoughts on “What being a stay at home mom really means”

  1. He usually wakes around 7 and gets a diaper, (after also being up 2-3times in the night for nursing).
    We make our way to the living room where he plays on the playmat while I start a pot of coffee (I have a keurig, but when my dad visited last week I got in the habit of making real coffee again and haven’t gone back to the keurig)
    While the coffee is brewing I nurse him. After about an hour of him playing while I watch whatever cooking show I DVRed the night before, it’s time for breakfast. I feed him fruit puree/cereal/yogurt/toast. And sometimes feed myself as well.
    Then if it’s a bath day he gets a bath. If not it’s just a sponge bath while he gets changed and dressed.
    Then he’ll usually nurse and nap (I say usually- he’s been having a tough time napping the past few days)
    While he naps (or plays quietly(loudly)in his crib or jumparoo) I will shower. (Usually getting dressed while he sits on my bed if he’s awake. If he’s asleep I try to get some dishes or laundry done (both if I’m lucky)
    When he wakes from his nap its diaper and feeding time again (usually he sleeps 2hrs) Mondays we go to music class from 1130to1230 and on Fridays we do story time from 10to1045. Other days I try to get out of the house to run errands after he’s up from his morning nap.
    If we don’t go anywhere he plays for a bit, we read stories, practice crawling, sing songs, etc. If he isn’t being clingy I can leave the room to pee or do small things like empty the dishwasher or start dinner. Some days this doesn’t happen.
    More nursing and diapers, usually another nap (during which I eat lunch, attempt more chores, figure out dinner, make babyfood, try to clean up his toys a bit, try to catch my breath)
    Daddy gets home around 4. Some days teddy’s asleep and we can have adult conversations while I get supper ready. Usually it means daddy plays with Teddy while I get food ready.
    Teddy eats supper (veggies & /or protein) when we do. We sometimes then go for a walk as a family. Then it’s quiet play time while i try to clean up or we watch something else on DVR.
    More diapers and nursing through evening as needed. Then at bedtime (ideally around 8) diaper, pjs, lullabies and nursing to sleep. (Lately he fights this so pacing the hall with him on my shoulder or sitting him beside me on the couch and ignoring him will result in him finally falling asleep.
    I go to bed shortly after he does.

  2. Breakfast is often unfortunately whatever I can stuff in my face with one hand – cookies, chips, etc. I drink lukewarm tea. I use cloth diapers, so I’m constantly doing laundry. I wear leggings all day and I love it. And now I’d like a Bon Bon 😉

    1. I can’t say I’ve had a hot meal during the day since our little one was born. Too much of a risk he’ll wake up from his nap and I won’t get anything! I rock leggings or yoga pants all day and it’s so comfy! Bon-bons for all!!

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