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For the last 8 1/2 weeks I’ve been keeping track of baby’s feedings be it boob or bottle on a pad of paper. It stems from the hospital where they asked us to track feeding and diapers. The pediatrician also asked us to do it for two additional days. Well, it stuck and I kept doing it.

I thought I was the only nutty mom doing this. But thankfully many of the moms in the Facebook mommy group I’m in do it too! Though they use an app to track feedings. So I asked which one they used and MammaBaby was the winner.


This app tracks feedings: breast, bottle, and solids. Diapers: wet, poop, or a mix and even lets you pick the ahem color of the poop! It even tracks sleep. Best bit is you can look back at a summary of the day. You can even add in baby’s weight, height, and head circumference to see percentiles. Nice right?

One thing I wish you could do is sync it with your spouse or other caretaker so I didn’t have to ask my husband if the baby peed or pooped while I was napping or out of the house. The other pain in the ass is trying to track the middle of the night feedings. Listen the last thing I want to do while he dream feeds is fumble around for my phone. But those are the only two downsides really.

Nice right?
Nice right?

Here’s a shot of the main “landing page and you can see all the things you can track. Please note I cropped out our little one’s pic and his birthdate for obvious reasons. But by adding in the birthdate it helps you track milestones and how much your baby should be eating, peeing/pooping, and sleeping as they get older. You can check out all that info in the Summary tab at the bottom.

The app is free to download from the Apple Store (currently it is not available for Android, not that I could find anyway). There is also a paid version for $4.99 though it’s been a little difficult to see what else you get with the full version.

MammaBaby does allow you to set alarms for feedings, nap/bedtime, and if you need to give the little love meds. Which I should actually use because the mister and I suck at giving our guy his vitamin D. Yep we’re those parents. No one is perfect people!

Long story short I love this app! No more paper and pen for me. Keeping track of the wee one is just a few clicks away. Have you used tracking apps for your little man/lady? Which ones? Why did you choose it?

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4 thoughts on “MammaBaby {app review}”

  1. I use baby daybook. It’s available on android and allows you to track breastfeeding, bottles, pumping, diapers, baths, food, water, medicine, tummy time, going for walks, temperature, naps and the option to add other. You can write notes so if a baby is nursing but you know it’s more for comfort than food you can write it in, or write what kind of solid food they eat.
    I still use it after 8months+ which is great because I can look back over and see how many times he’s nursed over the past few days, or how often he poops…. I tend to review the previous couple weeks before a dr appointment

    1. I hadn’t heard of that one. Was it a free app? I will say the Wonder Weeks app you suggested is great! We have the book too, but I haven’t been able to read it yet.

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