Can we please stop shaming momma’s who breastfeed in public?

I mean really people it’s 2016 for crying out loud! I’ve heard comments about me breastfeeding in church (I was covered up). Thankfully the wife asked her husband “Would you tell Mary not to breastfeed Jesus?” (I about lost it)

Just the other day when I was at the mall I was feeding my guy in one of the comfy chairs (again covered) and I guess this older woman was complaining to her teenage daughters about it. I say I guess because two twentysomething women yelled over to me “Good job momma, you feed that baby!” I thought that was nice of them and then I caught the stink eye from the other woman. I felt like telling her “Look lady my kid was about to have a melt down and I have no idea where the “family room” is in this mall.

My feeling is if my baby is hungry I’m going to feed him no matter where I am. In fact I came up with this gem during one late night nursing session:

I have nursed him in a car and I have nursed him in a bar.
In a church and at my former work.
I will nurse him here or there.
I will nurse him anywhere.
I do like nursing.
I do, I do!
How about you?*

*My apologies to Dr. Seuss, but it was the only thing keeping me awake at the time!

Have you been shamed while nursing in public? Did you ignore it? Did you say something to the person? Do you think it’s stupid to shame a mom for doing the most natural thing on the planet? Let me know!

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5 thoughts on “Can we please stop shaming momma’s who breastfeed in public?”

  1. Crossgates has no family room. But macy’s doesn’t care if you use their fitting rooms to nurse.
    Colonie has 2. 1 up by the foodcourt, the other down the long hall by sephora. (With private curtained off nursing booths)

    I haven’t had anyone say anything negative to me. I nursed in church, while getting a tattoo (the tattoo artist was very accommodating and offered to stop but it was a leg tattoo and didn’t bother me or baby so I said go for it- teddy was only 5 weeks then).
    I’ve nursed at the hair salon while getting my hair colored (it needed to be bleached twice before it could be light enough to accept the dye), in the grocery store, in the food court, st whistling kettle, at an outdoor concert, and today in federal court while getting my citizenship (without a cover).

  2. I’ve had people follow me out to my car to shame me for feeding, while covered, in the far end of the parking lot.

    These days, I keep my state’s breastfeeding law on my phone, so I can just hold it up to anyone who dares. But, given that I usually nurse him at the hockey rink, I usually have heaps of hockey moms and dads cheering me on. 🙂

    1. What is wrong with people really? Folks really need to get over themselves. I’m tempted to keep NY’s law on my phone too which I believe says I don’t even have to cover up!

  3. I had my 2 babies over 20 years ago and nursed them whenever it was necessary. I was hoping those old attitudes had finally died out! Surely a happily feeding babe is better than a screaming one?

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