Jane Steele 46 pages in… #JaneSteele #ReaderIMurderedHim

I know what you must be thinking…how the hell does she have time to read a book? With a baby?! Well, it’s like this my husband is awesome and offered to nap with little man so I could “do whatever I wanted/needed to get done”. Awesome right? Bet your ass. So I picked up Lyndsay Faye’s latest Jane Steele, a new take on Jane Eyre.

Now I’ve had the good fortune to meet Ms. Faye as she is a Sherlockian and has been to a few cons. One of which was 221B Con two years ago where I made a total ass of myself in front of her, but she was very cool about it. You see she wrote a Sherlockian tale called Dust and Shadow which I had read and wanted to meet her to thank her for such a great read. However, at the time I was a huge introverted puss (ok I still am) BUT enough of my friends told me to woman up and just talk to her.

And I did. I’m pretty sure I said fuck at least twice too. Classy right? Also super smooth to do in front of a best selling author…you should have been there when I mean Neil Gaiman…yeah. Where was I? Right, Lyndsay was super classy and even complimented my grey hat and I got a hug out of it too. I managed to not totally lose my shit in front of her (though I did utter those words out loud IN FRONT of her). I believe her response was “I lost my shit a long time ago.” Authors they’re just like us!

Needless to say I was super excited to pre-order her book when it came out thinking I’d have all this time to read it. Then surprise I had a baby. So reading has been an adventure in how long is this nap going to last? But I’m happy to report what iI have read is amazing and wonderful. So much so that I don’t know why I’m writing this and not reading more while my guys nap? Mostly to get the word out that you all should go pick up a copy (if you can find one). Yeah it’s pretty hard to locate.

Why you ask? Well, she’s a damn fine writer and oh the book was already optioned by 1492 Pictures (yeah you know Chris Columbus a few Harry Potter movies) – no big. Only it is and it’s awesome mostly because it’s happening to someone I’ve met and is equally awesome and deserves all the success.

So really why are you still reading this? Go on and try to get a copy for yourself. I promise a full review will follow.

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