Honkin’ Horns!

It’s been an age. But as you know little ones are a lot of work! However, as the little turns six months soon I’m finding he doesn’t need me as often. So I have a little time to type this out.

Chugga, chugga, chugga...
Chugga, chugga, chugga…

The little and I have recently started watching Chuggington. Believe it or not he actually does watch it. I won’t lie I enjoy it too. Though some of the characters are jerks. I mean seriously do Wilson or Koko ever do ANYTHING right? I swear only Brewster knows what’s right…even if he’s a worrier.

Zephie seems to be just a little flighty. As for the adult chuggers well they seem to know whats up even if some of them are priss pants and show boats and don’t even get me started on Action Chugger…what a douche.  Yeah I said it! He sort of reminds me of Zapp Brannigan…

But all kid shows are like this I’m told. Good times! What are some other shows y’all with littles six months and up suggest (that are on Netflix and Amazon Prime)

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2 thoughts on “Honkin’ Horns!”

  1. Chugginton was a fav of Nick when he was little too – I don’t know if they are available on Netflix or Amazon Prime but others he liked – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Henry Hugglemonster, Wallykazam! (a fav of mine), Bubble Guppies (another fav) The Wonder Pets (another fav), Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, The Lion Guard, Goldie & Bear. I haven’t watched but Kate and Mim-Mim I have heard is good. We just picked up the Sprout Network – tons of shows if you can find any of those.
    We are now onto Sesame Street (he is all about Elmo).

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